Homebuyer Education Class  – An eight hour training session that provides complete information on the home purchase process.  Participants completing this training will receive a completion certificate that may required by a lender or to become eligible for down payment assistance programs.  Please review our calendar for upcoming training sessions.  Tuition: $35.00


Homebuyers Club – A four month curriculum that provides information on understanding your credit, managing your money, Getting a mortgage loan, Shopping for a loan and building wealth through the IDA program. Tuition:  No Charge


Individual Development Account (IDA) – A saving account established by the participant at one of our partnership banks.  A monthly saving of a minimum of $25,00 and maximum of $300.00 can be deposited up to $1000.00.  A maximum of $1,000 will be matched up to $3,000.00.  Participants must be deposit monthly for a minimum of six months to become eligible for monetary match.  These funds can be applied to the expenses associated with purchasing a home, tuition, and starting a business.  Please complete the application available on the Forms page


Foreclosure Prevention and Counseling – Individuals and families facing foreclosure can receive counseling and mortgage assistance if approved by SC HELP.  Please proceed to www.sc mortgagehelp.com to complete the process online.  Cost: No Charge